• Tutors must remember, that wherever you are, the sessions booked by the Student (s) are in the European CET time Zone
  • Tutors must be dressed appropriately
  • Tutors must have use of a laptop, PC or tablet that has a camera, microphone, compatible with Lessonspace and an email account
  • Tutors must be in a suitable location with a plain background and have everything you need for the session to be ready to use. 
  • Headsets are advisable, especially for Tutors who are delivering sessions whilst they are away from home.
  • Always check any windows or tabs you have open before sharing your screen. Before a session it is a good idea to close all other programs and apps to avoid sharing anything sensitive. Please also make sure that your wallpaper is set to something inoffensive.

During the session:

  • Please use correct grammar and communicate using full sentences in the session chat or at any other time when communicating with students or their parents. Tutors should not be using abbreviations or text language.
  • Please review any written communications in the chat before you send it. This will ensure you have checked your grammar, sentence structure and your tone to ensure you have conveyed what you have intended.
  • Be careful with humour and sarcasm. 
  • Please make sure to cite any additional sources you are using in your lessons.
  • Please do not share any personal information with your student(s). This includes any social media accounts that you may own.
  • It is important to develop a rapport with your students to make them feel comfortable

Other things to think about

  • We advise being prepared for a variety of abilities. It is  advisable to think through ways to adapt or change a task should it prove necessary.
  • Set reasonable expectations and targets if teaching a series of sessions with the same student(s).
  • Do remember that teaching online should feel just as important as teaching in the classroom.
  • Remember to be present on Lessonspace and have all of your preparation for tasks ready before the session starts so the student does not feel you are neglecting them as they are doing their tasks.
  • Be aware that student(s) can see your facial expressions at all times.

Recording and Safeguarding

  • UK safeguarding regulations should be adhered to when working with EiA Live regardless of the location of the student(s).
  • A parent or guardian should be in the home when the session is happening, but they do not need to be in the same room.
  • Tutors should not share Lessonspace meeting details with anyone else except EiA Live staff.
  • Tutors must make sure they are familiar with the ways to remove participants, use the meeting room and lock the meeting to other attendees as a precaution.
  • All Lessonspace sessions are locked to outsiders and each student has a password protected account for their individual use..

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