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Our tutors hold, as a minimum qualification, a recognised EFL teaching certificate (usually a Cambridge/RSA CELTA of Trinity College Certificate). Some also hold a UK state school teaching qualification, and many have higher diplomas or degrees.  Each tutor’s qualifications are listed in their profile.   

Tutors must attend a face-to-face interview and are required to provide at least two references, which are always checked by us.  All qualifications are verified, and all tutors are Child-Barred-List Checked.  Where tutors have been subject to a full DBS check, this is detailed in their profile. 

You will find tutors from many different backgrounds, with a range of teaching experiences and a variety of interests and specialisms.  If you need a tutor with a specialism that is not listed, please feel free to contact us and we can try to find someone who is able to provide you with the kind of tuition you need. 

Remember that tutors are individuals, with different personalities and teaching styles – and sometimes this is as important as their formal qualifications.  

Try to look at a few different options before deciding on the tutor you think is right for you. 

Teaching Approach and Methodology 

Our tutors will adapt their teaching methods to meet your needs.  A lesson for someone who wants conversation practice and social English will probably look quite different from a lesson that is focused on specific exam preparation.  Experienced tutors understand that you are an individual and will try to find topics and use teaching techniques that take account of your age, interests and personal learning preferences.  

Sometimes the tutor’s personality or teaching methods may not suit you.  In which case, let us know, and we will try to find you a more suitable match. 

Content of the Sessions 

If you would like to, you can choose from pre-prepared topics or key language practice areas that are appropriate to your level.  These are listed on our lessons page.   

Alternatively, if you have specific needs, you can opt to have your lessons tailored to your needs.  If you want to do this, during your first session the tutor will assess your level, discuss with you what you want to achieve and over what timescale.  He or she will advise you on what they feel is realistic in the time available and agree with you a set of desired learning outcomes. 

What do I need? 

Our lessons are usually delivered using Zoom, so you will need access to a device with a webcam, microphone and either headphones or speakers. You will need to sign up for Zoom in advance and it is your responsibility to make sure you can access it and are familiar with how it functions. You will also need a reliable internet connection. Other than this, it would be good to have a pen and paper to hand. 

Learning Environment 

Try to set up for your session in a quiet, well-lit room and somewhere where it is comfortable to work.  We would suggest setting up your device at a desk or table, with enough space for a notebook and writing materials. 

If you are booking tuition for a minor, a responsible adult must be on the premises at all times.   

Tutors cannot be held responsible for chaperoning or supervising minors, or for monitoring and safeguarding the premises or its contents. 


Our tutors will treat you with courtesy and respect and expect the same in return.  We have a zero-tolerance policy to abusive language and behaviour.  We also operate a strict policy of non-discrimination.  If you breach these rules, you will be barred from the programme.   

Contractual Agreement and Fees 

We act as an agent for the tutors by providing a service to match them with potential clients.  We also offer a limited support service to both our tutors and their clients, as detailed in these terms and conditions. 

In addition, we provide a platform through which payments can be made.  We collect payments on behalf of the tutors and transfer payments to them at an agreed rate, minus our administration, currency conversion and merchant fees.   All fees are payable solely by the client and VAT is applied where appropriate. 

A standard lesson is one hour (60 minutes).   Longer or shorter sessions may be held if agreed in advance between the client and the tutor.   

Sessions cost €25 and that comprises one hour of tuition.

Cancelling, re-scheduling and temporary suspension of lessons 

We understand that there may be times when you need to reschedule a lesson.  If you need to do this, you need to give notice of at least 24 hours from the scheduled lesson start time.  In such circumstances, you should arrange to reschedule the lesson directly with your tutor so that you can agree a mutually convenient time.  Lessons cancelled at shorter notice cannot be re-funded and the full lesson fee will be charged.  

You may also need to suspend your tuition for a period.  If you need to put your lessons on hold, you should explain this to your tutor and cancel any lessons you have already booked.  Simply use your remaining credits to book further lessons when you ready to start your tuition again. 

If, for any reason, a tutor is ill or unavailable, we will endeavour to re-arrange your sessions or find you a satisfactory replacement. 

How many sessions do I need? 

There may be a number of reasons why you want to use an online tutor and these will dictate how many sessions you need to book. You may need to learn intensively for a short period of time – for example, if you have a forthcoming exam, a trip abroad or a presentation to prepare and deliver.  Alternatively, you may want to make a longer-term commitment.  For example, if you are a parent, you may want year-round regular tuition to support your child’s work at school. 

The number of lessons you need will depend on your learning goals and your tutor should be able to advise you on how many lessons would be appropriate. 

Tuition is most effective if it is done on a regular basis over time.  Unless you have an urgent deadline, we would suggest no more than one or two lessons a week.  This will give you a chance to practise and assimilate what you have learnt between your sessions.  If you need intensive lessons, your tutor will help you to identify which aspects of the language you need to focus on – whether this is specific topics, grammar and vocabulary, or skills. 

We hope these Guidelines help to clarify how private tuition operates with EiALive . 

If you have any further queries or comments please contact us at talk@eialive.co.uk so that you are provided with the highest possible level of service. 



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