The best thing to do is book a free 30-minute taster session. Watch the video below to see how easy it is or visit the ‘Find a Tutor‘ page and choose from any of the available tutors.

There is a video below that shows the process in detail. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Click on ‘Find a Tutor’
  2. Choose the Free Taster Session
  3. Pick a date and time from the calendar
  4. Complete your details and let us know what you want to achieve in your session
  5. Click ‘Book Now’
  6. Check the booking details and click ‘Proceed to checkout’
  7. Complete your details (you only need to do this once), agree to the T&Cs and click ‘Complete booking’.
  8. You’re all set!


Your booking will be confirmed by email and instructions will be sent to you before your first session.

An account will be created for you so you can log in to manage your bookings. 

Sessions cost €30 for groups of up to four. Credit bundles are available that bring the cost down to €5.25 per person. For an hour of tuition it really is unbeatable value!

There is a video below that shows the process in detail. Alternatively, head to the credit bundle page and pick the bundle that best suits you.

You may cancel or re-arrange a session up to 24 hours before the session is due to start. Cancellations received after this point will not usually be refunded.

We offer a free credit to anyone who refers a friend. You should encourage them to take advantage of the free taster session. Once they purchase their first credit bundle we will award you a free credit and it will be added to your account automatically. All they need to do is include your name when purchasing their credit bundle. Don’t worry, they will be asked when checking out whether they were referred by a friend, colleague or teacher.

Useful Videos

How do I book a free taster session?

How do I buy a credit bundle?

How do I book using my credits?

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