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Professional tuition from 5.25€ per person!

5.25€ is the price per hour when four participants share the cost of a 20 credit bundle.

A single tuition session usually costs 30€ per hour?  How do I get an hour of tuition for only 5.25€?
  1. First you need to buy a credit bundle. Bundles of 5, 10 and 20 credits are available. The 20 credit bundle works out to be €21 per hour.
  2. Most tutors also allow you to invite up to three people to join your session, bringing the cost per person down to €5.25.

Su Huggins

Taught in: Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Spain and the UK


  • Exploring Innovative Assessment Measures: Open University
  • Secondary Learning: Open University
  • Trinity Celta: Canterbury Christ Church University
  • TEFL: Krystal Wales
  • A variety of Certified English language based workshops and courses from London House School of English, International Language home-Stay, and non- Certified workshops from English in Action and Canterbury Christ Church University from 2008 to 2020


Interests: Travel, reading, writing, walking, geography, music, pets, puzzles and sport of all sorts.

Specialist: General English

I can offer:

I work with:

About me

Teaching English is, in my opinion, the best job in the world. I have taught English in a variety of environments including full size class teaching in several European countries, small class teaching in local British schools and one- to- one or small group teaching in my own home. Lessons were typically tailored to individual requirements in order to achieve optimum results.
Teaching is constantly evolving so I am always open to the latest methods and content and open to suggestion.
Having spent several years in the communications industry designing and delivering training in a business setting and managing remote-working teams I fully understand that matching the lesson to the person is key to a satisfactory outcome at every level for the student and the teacher. I love puzzles and quizzes especially word-related teasers of all types and often incorporate them into my lessons.
I have a large family and we get together as much as we can. I share a dog called Raggles with my younger daughter both of whom are delightful

About my sessions

All sessions are safeguarding appropriate. All lessons are based on student’s requirements or requests. All lessons have specific, measurable objectives.
I think that my lessons could be described as friendly, stretching and student centred.
Initially I ask the student to tell me about their life, studies, objectives and interests which, I feel, is key to forming a distance learning partnership While a full lesson plan is prepared in advance of each session, it will be sufficiently flexible to allow for extension and discussion. If a student finds a topic of particular interest it is to their advantage to let them fully explore that interest. If a student is finding an exercise particularly difficult then we will try to find a way of approaching it that makes it clearer or break it down in chunks to encourage comprehension using illustrations if appropriate.
Students are encouraged to be open about their feelings regarding their studies and to discuss this and their progress regularly.
It is possible for exam preparation to sometimes seem repetitious and tiring so using wake-up or relaxing activities when the students flag a little can help relieve stress and assist concentration.
I regularly employ role play, question and answer sessions, quizzes, rhymes, physical exercises and singing are a few of the methods I to initiate or consolidate learning or test for comprehension

Subjects I can offer:

General English A1 to C2
Leisure and Tourism to B1 to C1
Business Studies A2 to B2
Writing Skills A2 to C2

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All our tutors are qualified and hold either a PGCE, Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL or TEFL certificate.

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