Professional tuition from 5.25€ per person!

5.25€ is the price per hour when four participants share the cost of a 20 credit bundle.

A single tuition session usually costs 30€ per hour?  How do I get an hour of tuition for only 5.25€?
  1. First you need to buy a credit bundle. Bundles of 5, 10 and 20 credits are available. The 20 credit bundle works out to be €21 per hour.
  2. Most tutors also allow you to invite up to three people to join your session, bringing the cost per person down to €5.25.

Mark Armistead

Taught in: Austria,Belgium,Germany,Spain,Switzerland,UK


  • English TESOL-Trinity TESOL certificate.
  • Education level 3. ( PTLLS)


Interests: Reading,writing short stories,collecting vinyl records, running,circuit training, martial arts

Specialist: General English, Business English.

I can offer:

I work with:

About me

Eight years ago I embarked on a career change and I did my Tesol Trinity course in sunny Barcelona. After completing the course I taught in Barcelona for several months before returning to the UK,where I delivered general English lessons at a local education centre,leading to delivering preparation for employment courses.
I have worked for EIA for the past five years and during that time I have taught many students of different abilities. I’ m very enthusiastic about helping each student develop their full potential and it’s a great feeling to see the development of the student after each lesson.

I believe that education is a lifelong process and currently I’m doing a mental health counselling course.

About my sessions

My sessions are very much student focused and I aim to make each lesson informative and enjoyable, I also help the student to develop their critical thinking skills and I encourage them to ask as many questions as possible no matter how trivial they may seem at the time. Clarity at an early stage makes the learning process easier later.
I realise that each student has their own preferred learning style and I incorporate speaking,reading and writing into each session,however the emphasis will be on speaking and fluency.

I do error corrections when they arise during an exercise and a more detailed feedback and error correction at the end of each exercise.
At the start of each session I will do a brief recap on the previous lesson,to ensure that there are no unresolved issues..

Subjects I can offer:

General English A1-C2
Business English
English for employment
English for sport

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All our tutors are qualified and hold either a PGCE, Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL or TEFL certificate.

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