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Professional tuition from 5.25€ per person!

5.25€ is the price per hour when four participants share the cost of a 20 credit bundle.

A single tuition session usually costs 30€ per hour?  How do I get an hour of tuition for only 5.25€?
  1. First you need to buy a credit bundle. Bundles of 5, 10 and 20 credits are available. The 20 credit bundle works out to be €21 per hour.
  2. Most tutors also allow you to invite up to three people to join your session, bringing the cost per person down to €5.25.

Elsbeth Wilks

Taught in: Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, Holland, UK, Japan, India, South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Brazil, Russia and Peru


  • MA Film/TV and Theatre Studies
  • Post Graduate Degree in Journalism
  • Cambridge CELTA


Interests: Nature and Wildlife, History, Arts and Media, Travelling

Specialist: General English (A1-C1), Oral Exam Preparation (including Matura, Abschluss and Abitur), Creative Writing, Journalistic Writing, Conversation and Debating Skills, Grammar focus, Business Communication Skills, Tourism, Primary

I can offer:

I work with:

About me

For almost twenty years I worked and travelled all over the world. This made me extremely interested in how we learn new languages. A few years ago I decided to return to my first love: teaching.
Since 2015 I have taught 10-18 old year students for English in Action, mainly in Austrian and German schools. I also tutor students online, (ranging from 5 year olds to adults), from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. I worked with international MA students when I was a guest lecturer at the Department for Film- and Television Studies and I mentored students wanting to improve their filmjournalism skills.
As I’ve worked with students from so many different language backgrounds I am very aware of the various difficulties students may experience learning English, depending on their age and first language.

About my sessions

My lessons are very different from what you’re used to doing in your normal English lessons at school. You let me know which subjects you like (for instance science, history, art, or perhaps cooking, Harry Potter, football, creepy animals etc.) and I create lessons around your interests. We will do a mix of reading, learning new vocabulary, watching clips to develop your listening and comprehension skills and of course we’ll discuss these topics so your fluency will improve quickly.
You can also request lessons that focus on specific grammar points. Or perhaps you are more interested in creative or journalistic writing, or in developing your conversation and debating skills. You choose!
My aim is to help you enjoy speaking English and to turn taking tests and exams into a far more stress-free experience for you.

Subjects I can offer:

General English (A1-C1)
Oral Exam Preparation (including Matura, Abschluss and Abitur)
Creative Writing
Journalistic Writing
Conversation and Debating Skills
Business Communication Skills
Grammar focus

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All our tutors are qualified and hold either a PGCE, Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL or TEFL certificate.

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